Celebrities and a Dirty Dozen. HELP!!

We have until September 24th to get 4,000 signatures on the petition asking for a public consultation on the £14.5 million that Manchester City Council wants to spend on its “clean” and “green” “initiative.”(That is a link to the petition, by the way! Please sign if you haven’t already!)

When I saw that deadline today, the instant response was “Oh s**t.”

Ever since the thoughts have been flying, the plans solidifying.
It can be done, but only with smarts, luck and more hands on deck.


  • sign the petition, and ask your friends to sign the petition. And ask them to ask their friends to sign the petition.
  • We are trying to get a dozen people to give us a dozen hours of their time. If you can give us that, great. If you can give us six hours, we will also be grateful. There is a LONG list of tasks to do. No lies – some of them will be boring. But others won’t be. You will learn new skills, meet new people who care as much as you about Manchester. Please get in touch via askthepeopleofmanchester@gmail.com
  • Finally, if you know any Manchester celebrities, or know someone who knows the celebrity, and you think that celebrity might be willing to publicly endorse the campaign, please get in touch as soon as possible.

Thanks if you have already signed the petition. Please contact your friends, family, work colleagues and acquaintances and ask them to do the same.

Marc Hudson

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One Response to Celebrities and a Dirty Dozen. HELP!!

  1. Dave Bishop says:

    I know what to do with the £14.50 million! Why not just give it to the property developers who our wonderful Council really represent rather than us? Simple! No silly old democracy getting in the way or any trivial details like that. Just make the rich richer – that’s what our ‘democracy’ is all about, these days, anyway. Let’s just cut the crap!

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