Great “help needed letter” – please help us to get more help! #Manchester #askthepeople

Hi everyone.

We desperately need more hands on deck with this campaign. Here is a letter one of us is sending out.  Please modify and send on….


I wonder if you might be interested in something I’m involved at the moment.

Manchester got a windfall of £14.5 million (from Mcr airport) this year and the council are trying to rush through a “Clean and green” initiative to spend all the money on. When someone stood up and said, “Wait a minute, you haven’t asked the citizens of Manchester what it should be spent on,” they quickly tacked on a apply-for-green-project-funding thing that has no firm parameters. It being rushed through.
They’re not saying anything about restoring services they cut. They’re not saying anything about restoring slashed benefits.

We’re trying to do 2 things:
1) Get 4000 people to sign a petition in the next 11 days saying this is bang out of order and we want a full say in how this money is spent. That will stop the Council from being able to just rubber-stamp this.

 – Please could you sign the petition and ask every Manchester resident you know to do the same?

2) Get 30 or 60 second videos of what people would really like to see the money spent on. Any Manchester resident can do this. It doesn’t have to be fancy. If it’s done on a phone that’s fine, as long as they can be heard properly.

– Please could you encourage anyone you think might do this to record something, upload it to YouTube and let petition organisers know through

If you can do anything at all I’d be really, really grateful.

All the best,

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