Thank you letter to people who have signed the petition

Dear signer-of-the-petition,

Thanks for signing the “Ask the People of Manchester” petition!!
If that is all you have the time and/or inclination to do, we offer you sincere thanks again.
If you are willing and able to do a little more, and were wondering what, can we suggest the following three things

Choose 5 people who probably won’t see this petition (they’re not on facebook, they don’t move in “green” or “campaigning” circles). Either phone them (!) or send them a personalised email along the lines of


I’ve just signed an online petition asking Manchester City Council to have a proper public consultation on the £14.5million extra money it now has thanks to the Airport being so profitable. I am encourage you to do so too (if you live, work or study in Manchester City Council’s area.)
I signed because I believe… [personal statement here, if you’ve time!]


[Your Name]

PS If you have any questions, you can check out the campaign website or email them at

Send the petition link out (again with a cover letter) to other friends, on email lists, on facebook, on blogs, on twitter that are about Manchester. Help us to create a buzz! Our twitter handle is @askpeopleofmcr and the hashtag we are using is #askmcr

Download the paper petition form from here

Each sheet has space for ten signatures. Ask family, visitors, neighbours etc to sign – they have to live, work or study in Manchester City Council’s area, and the address they give has to be the one that makes them eligible to sign. Please get full name and address. Assure people that we will NOT add them to a database and then spam them/sell it on/share it with ANYONE. Nor will the Council.
We deliberately only put ten spaces so it isn’t too daunting. If you get fewer, no problem! If you want to do more, thank you!!
Let us know you are doing this and we will arrange to pick up the hard copies from you as soon as we can.

We are publishing our campaigning plans (which are evolving!) here. If you have other ideas that you think we should be asking signatories to do, or other campaigning contacts/advice, we would be VERY grateful. We need 4,000 signatures by Tuesday 24 September!

Many thanks
Jo Campbell and Marc Hudson

PS If you’re still looking for things to do, see this video where Jo makes more suggestions
PPS Finally (!) to reassure you – we will NOT send you ANY more emails unless you yourself email us at We have only sent you this one because we know you!

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One Response to Thank you letter to people who have signed the petition

  1. The coverage of this issue definitely seems to be having an effect. The proposal that appeared on the council website on the 5th did not mention community engagement. The press-release on their website on the 10th did say “we will also be listening to the views of communities”, but did not mention any particular engagement method. The M.E.N. piece on the same day as the press-release heavily emphasised community engagement. And, of course, the M.E.N. have since run items about how awful the littler situation is in the Northern Quarter. Some cynical part of me just had the idea that the council might be trying to prep the community to tell them to do what they already want to do. I really must get that cynic under control.

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