Frequently Asked Questions

So, you guys are stooges for the Green Party or Liberal Democrats or someone?

Er, no we are not. We simply believe that such a big sum of public money should only be spent after consultation with the public. Don’t you?

Where has this money come from?

The Council owns a part of the Manchester Airports,Group, which is doing well to be dishing out dividends.

£14.5 million? Isn’t that a drop in the ocean of council spending?

Well, no. Council tax rises this year are expected to rake in just a quarter of that amount and the LibDems have been slamming the (predominantly) Labour council for that rise in taxes.

What is the City Council planning to spend it on?

Basically, prettifying the City for international visitors via something called the “Clean and Green Spaces” initiative

Sounds good to me. What’s the fuss? How can you be against “Clean and Green Spaces?”!! Aren’t you environmentalists?

We are not against making the city clean and green.  We are against techno-fluff that doesn’t address real issues. And we are even MORE against that amount of public money being spent without the public being properly consulted.  Participatory budgets, much?

Now I am confused. What do you think they should spend it on?

That’s not for us to say, just as it’s not for council bosses to say without consulting with citizens and residents! Different people will have preferences for keeping libraries open, keeping Council Tax low for the poorest, environmental action. But the key thing is we should have the conversation!

Well, okay, what do you want me to do about it? I suppose you’re expecting me to go on some march, or lock myself to something?

Er, no! Why not starting with the simplest things

  • sign the e-petition
  • write to your councillor
  • visit your councillor (they hold surgeries, mostly weekly)
  • find out more about “Manchester Citizenship”
  • attend the Full Council meeting on Weds 9th October, from 10am at Manchester Town Hall.

Written by Marc Hudson


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