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Video: On collecting signatures and ‘what is a consultation, what is not’

From very successful signature collecting on Sunday 24th November… Advertisements

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Video: Justin Hellings on collecting signatures for the petition

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Letter published in Manchester Evening News Fri 22nd November

I just attended the Executive Meeting of Manchester City Council.  It was, as so often the case, a dispiriting spectacle.  The decision to spend half a million pounds on bigger bins (as reported by Jen Williams in the MEN on … Continue reading

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Video: Why we are collecting signatures, and please join us! #Manchester

Short film about why getting a public consultation matters.

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Help! What events can we collect signatures at? Your knowledge needed…

Hi, we need another 3000 signatures in a little over a month.  That’s challenging, but not impossible.  Please take a look at our calendar of upcoming events and suggest things – of any size – that we could have a … Continue reading

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Crosspost – what happened at Full Council on Weds 9th October

Thanks to all who came to the pre-meeting and ran the gauntlet of inaccurate officiousness to make it to the public gallery. Here’s an account of the spectacle we were rewarded with – Full Council of despair – #Manchester City … Continue reading

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Event: gathering before Full Council on Weds 9th October, 9am #askmcr

We invite you all to attend a gathering on Wednesday 9th October from 9am at the Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St. We want to meet people who have signed the petition, put them in touch with each other, and … Continue reading

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