Our Campaigning Strategies – help!

We really really need your help.

We don’t care how experienced a “campaigner” you are. In fact, one of the goals of Ask the People of Manchester is to bring more people into proper local campaigning. So “novices” are welcome.

Our email is askthepeopleofmanchester@gmail.com

We will ask you what skills you have, what skills and knowledge you would like to develop. We will then try to give you a task that meets those, and that is the right size.
We will not try to convert you to any ideology. We will not try to sell you a newspaper or get your bank details. We will not sit you in rows and bore you to death while we yak yak yak.

On the pages below, please find our mass media, social media, online petition, paper petition strategies, celebrity endorsement strategies. These pages probably won’t be much populated before Sunday 15th September.

If you have any ideas – what we are missing, what we are proposing that probably won’t work, please get in touch. Did we mention we have an email address? askthepeopleofmanchester@gmail.com


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