On-line petition strategy

This is part of our draft (!) strategy. If you have constructive comments on it, please email askthepeopleofmanchester@gmail.com   We need 4000 signatures by close of play Tuesday 24th September 2013…

Thank people who have signed online (we have form email for this now)
“Cold call” other people in our email boxes (who live/work/study) in Manchester
(wrack brains as to who!)
Ask selected supporters to “cold call” other people in their email inboxes
No group emails. If sending to two or three, use the bcc field at all times!!

Ask a group of heavy facebook users for their advice, what they would need (information, materials (jpgs, memes) in order to run a good campaign
Join relevant groups (need to identify them first!)

Follow folks (duh)
Tweets that add value, not noise!
Retweet good stuff
Ask supporters to retweet our stuff.
Have a “momentum building” to it!
Learn new skills on twitter!

Identify youtube users who are likely to make their own short films, or publicise ours

Sorry, life’s too short

Identify Manchester bloggers and external influentials…

More to follow…


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