Paper petitions

This is part of our draft (!) strategy. If you have constructive comments on it, please email   We need 4000 signatures by close of play Tuesday 24th September 2013…

We have paper petitions!

It’s worth remembering that “parkstarter” got 800 signatures in two days, just by standing on Oldham St…
We need to offer people (online?) training in how to gather signatures from strangers.

We need to identify people we can ask to do stranger petitioning. Ideally in pairs.
We need to identify times and places that make sense (high footfall, high number of likely signers.)

We need to ensure that we collect the completed forms – suggest times we will be somewhere – Sandbar on Friday 20th, Moss Side Community Allotment Sat 21st etc.

Also have a “final push” thing and a meeting/photo-op on the last day that we can collect – probably Tuesday 24th September.

There are different kinds –
getting from friends/family/acquaintances is relatively unstressful and relatively efficient.
getting from strangers/commuters – harder work, but good for getting beyond the smugosphere…

Dos and don’ts (well, suggestions for petitions to strangers)

  • Smile
  • Eye contact but not too much!
  • Keep it short (hone a couple of short ‘itches’
  • Make it clear you don’t want their bank details or more than 30 secs of their time and that we WON’T sell their details to spammers etc.
  • Dress “appropriately” for where you are
  • Take breaks!
  • Drink fluids!
  • Remember that rejection is not personal.  If you look stressed you, people will avoid you.
  • Laugh/smile if people call you names. Haters gonna hate, as the young kids say.
  • Stay free of being dragged into prolonged arguments – you’re there to collect signatures, not give one person the attention they clearly crave.
  • No blagging/bullshitting
  • Be cautious about “number of signatures until I stop” goals, because you will put yourself under a lot of stress. We want to exploit you sustainably!!
  • If you hear new questions/perspectives write them down and send them on!
  • Enjoy yourself!

Questions you may get, and suggested answers

Are you the Liberal Democrats or Greens in disguise?
Organisers are not members of any party.  I [am/am not]


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