Interview about #Manchester Council consultations and local democracy, with Graham Pheby

Graham Pheby, an active citizen (and Labour Party member) in Northenden, interviewed on the consultations of Manchester City Council, what could be done to rebuild trust and much else. He and his family have signed the petition about the £14.5 million windfall. Have you?!

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Another 100 signatures, and a video… #askmcr #Manchester

Hello all,  if you haven’t signed the petition on paper, please sign online (you have to live, work or study within Manchester City Council’s boundaries.

Last night got 20+ signatures at “Critical Mass” and this afternoon another 90 or so at Chorlton library.  We are closing in on the first thousand of the 4000 we need. If you can help – especially by inviting us to any group you are a member of (church, trade union, mosque etc etc) then please do!!

Here’s the video…

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Help us gather signatures on Sunday 29th!

We urgently need volunteers to collect signatures from people on the march on Sunday who live, work or study in Manchester.

menlettersep25Full training (about 10 minutes) provided, and unimpressive rates of pay (£0.00 ph, which is what the petition organisers are on for their work).

Please get in touch if you can help!

To your right is the letter the MEN published yesterday. We are anticipating a response…

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The petition you can still sign!

“We call upon Manchester City Council to hold a full public consultation on how to spend the additional Airport Dividend of £14.5 million. People who live, work and study in the city of Manchester must be able to say what their priorities are. While we want a cleaner and greener city, techno-fluff like “smarter bins” is an insult to people whose libraries and daycare centres are facing closure or reduction in services. £14.5 million is a huge sum of money that would enable, for example, community improvement wards of £30,000 pounds for all 32 wards in Manchester for 15 years.”

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#Manchester Evening News and how the city is being overrun by pigeons. Or Labour Councillors. Or both.

The following article appeared in the Manchester Evening News yesterday Sort of.

piccadillygardensHe is known as the Enforcer of Albert Square.

But Councillor Pat Karney could become one of many councillors to be hit with increased citizen tab-keeping as Manchester residents once again look to crack down on the council feeding its own pet projects in the city.

Karney, 56, resides in Castle Grayskull, Albert Square, and has been described by anonymous sources as “like Smaug the dragon on top of a pile of loot.” He says his love of Labour control comes from his native Ireland, where it is common.

Karney, a councillor, who moved to Manchester longer ago than anyone cares to remember and represents Harpurhey, said; “This £14.5m for “Clean and Green Spaces” will buy a lot of bags of feed for the councillors. In the culture we’ve created, it is normal to make decisions behind closed doors, and in general people are unaware of it.”

There are fears that the number of Labour councillors has increased in recent years – and their burblings and squawkings are coating the city’s fountains, streets and seats, making it a health hazard for democracy.

The problem is believed to be worsening, with the number of Labour councillors likely to hit 100% of the available ecological niche by May next year. Feeding the birds’ egos is not recommended, as they have been known to swarm and attack if they perceive any threat.

Khaleed Leila, 45, from Manchester, said “It’s normally nice to be kind to animals – but they are very hungry for more and more power. I wish someone would do something.”

City Centre spokesman, Coun Pat Karney, denied the situation had ‘got out of hand; “Everyone in Manchester loves these creatures and their pet projects. People tell us – or up to 10% of them tell us – all the time. By which I mean, three times every four years. You can’t say fairer than that.”

Coun Simon Wheale, leader of the minority Liberal Democrats disagreed. “This city is coated in the droppings of the Labour flock. It’s a disgrace and what is needed is a massive grant from central Government to clean things up. No, wait…”

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Video: Real consultation vs very limited menus… #askmcr #Manchester

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Whose decision? Not yours, it seems, in #Manchester #askmcr

Sign the petition!


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