Get involved to stay involved

With this petition we want to begin to change the way Manchester City Council works.  We want to see a different relationship between those people that we elect or employ to run the “local” state and the citizens.

This example – of spending £14.5 million to prettify the city – is hopefully the last (or nearly last!) decision of its kind that we will see.  To achieve this though, we will need to campaign well – increasing our numbers, finding meaningful work for “new” people (who often have loads of relevant experience), dealing well with setbacks. And we will need to be lucky!

In any case, changing things is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  We hope that you will choose – after doing some of the “simple” things – to stay involved in this campaign and others that come after it.

If we piss you off at some point – please accept our apologies in advance. We will not share any email addresses with any other groups, we will not descend into party political bickering, we will do our best not to waste your valuable time, attention and morale.  But we are only human, and it may go mildly Pete Tong at different times.


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