Ask your councillors

findacouncillorIf you don’t know who they are, go to- this page Again, this is best done face-to-face, but everyone is busy, and some people are nervous about meeting strangers (most councillors don’t bite, and only one or two are rabid anyway).

Type in your postcode and click the red button.

mosssideIt will come up with a page (the one in this picture is for Moss Side) which will tell you who your three councillors are. If you click on their underlined names, you’ll find out their email addresses and when they hold “surgeries” (opportunities for you to talk with them about problems and concerns that you have).

It’s probably best to contact them beforehand to say you will be attending!

You don’t have to go on your own. Be polite, friendly – the councillor is not under any obligation to agree with you!

Once you’ve been and they’ve given you an answer as to whether they agree with holding a public consultation, then PLEASE email us and tell us their position –

PS We will try to supply some handy advice and materials – watch this space.  If there is no hyperlink here by 16th September,  it’s either because we have forgotten to add the links or we haven’t produced the materials. If you can’t find them using the search box, feel free to chivvy us!!!


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