Sample letter to your councillor

This below is only a suggestion!! You are a citizen, and you can choose how you contact your representative!

“Dear Councillor x,

I am delighted to hear that Manchester City Council has £14.5million pounds as a “windfall” dividend from Manchester Airport.
Obviously I want a clean and green city, but I do not feel the “Clean and Green Spaces Initiative” that was agreed by the Executive on September 11th is the best way forward, because it does not hear from the people who really matter, the people of Manchester.

I feel that on such an important issue the Council should fully consult with residents on how this money should be spent. This will lead to better decisions, and enhance democracy.

I have signed the e-petition (link)

I would like to discuss this with you at your next surgery on [date and time]


I hope that you will reply to me explaining whether you support this petition or not. If you don’t, I would be interested to hear why not.

Yours sincerely

Please let the outcome of any visit/contact!


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