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10th Sept – We will put YOUR ideas about how the money should be spent here. Just because we list them doesn’t mean we agree with them! Please specify if you want your name on it or anonymous.

Our email is

10th Sept  hi-tech smart bins that tell the street-cleaners when they are full– Cllr Pat Karney (via Manchester Evening News)

11th Septif the libraries and other centres that they’ve withdrawn funding from now face an average shortfall of £80k per year, HALF of the dividend could fund, and save, 15 of those centres until 2020.  Tom Skinner

Also, subsidising council tax for those in need – the subsidies are going down over the next 2 years due to central gov’t cuts, so our local gov’t should do what it can to alleviate the problem. Good thing it’s got some money to spend!  Tom Skinner


6 Responses to Your ideas

  1. Mr Mr says:

    I’d like to see the money spent on keeping the streets of the city centre and local centres clean and tidy, as this is a serious problem that effects the quality of life of everybody in Manchester, our sense of pride as a community, not to mention the city’s economy, which people some seem to think isn’t important. Cheers!

    • I’d like to see SOME of that money spent on the same thing. But only if those are the priorities of the people of Manchester. I don’t think it’s up to you, or me, or the 8 members of the Labour Council’s Executive. I think the people of Manchester should decide, via a public consultation.
      For what it is worth, I think the model of economic growth via attracting inward investment has indeed served parts of the city very well over the last 20 years. It hasn’t, even by the admission of its architects, served other parts of the city very well. What the architects, justifiably proud of their achievements, don’t realise, is that the rules of the game will change – the model of the “Spatial Fix” and the “Sustainability Fix”, as elucidated so clearly by Cllr Bernard Priest in a recent intervew (see Manchester Climate Monthly 14th September) is not, um sustainable. See the work of Steady State Manchester for more on this. Attempts at trolling are beneath you, mrmr.
      Marc Hudson
      (also editor of Manchester Climate Monthly)
      PS Nice that you are so happy to share your name, “” Really helps the public discourse.

  2. Your choice, indeed. I suppose if you are actively opposing democratic decision-making and advocating for elite control (which wasn’t the goal when we set up the ‘your ideas’ page) , you would want to be anonymous!
    The anonymous function was imagined for people who might be constrained by the fact that they work for the Council or some such body, and feared reprisals if they spoke out publicly. Still, you can use it if you want.
    Marc Hudson

    • Mr Mr says:

      Marc, my comment was in line with the purpose of the page, I’d enjoy pointing out the logical fallacies in your reply but I wouldn’t want to undermine what you’re trying to achieve here any further – as such feel free to delete the rest of our dialogue, to get back on topic. Cheers.

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